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Spring Food Bank Collection - Thank you

A BIG Thank You from Balsall Common Lions

Thank you yet again, Balsall Common, for your support of our Spring Foodbank Collection, last weekend. This was Lions' eighth foodbank collection and we never cease to be amazed!

Thanks to your support, we were able to support hundreds of families – some of the most vulnerable people in our society, supplying approximately 85 carrier bags full of food and essential supplies to four local foodbank charities - Bethany Foodbank, Around Again Foodbank, Carriers of Hope Charity, plus Trussell Trust (Coventry) Foodbank … a total of approximately 350 carrier bags!

In addition, we received approximately £500 in cash and online donations.

We cannot let this moment pass without expressing our gratitude to everyone who supported our foodbank collection; our volunteers, the Village Hall, Balsall Common Co-op, and a huge thanks to Unity Automotive (Carstins) for the loan of their pick-up vehicle – we couldn’t manage without their support.

Finally, a massive thanks to you all, the public of Balsall Common. With everything that’s going on energy price rises, fuel costs, and inflation … you still manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

For those who missed us, we will leave our donation page open until the end of May, and we’ll be back with another foodbank collection in July, and then in October.


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