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Balsall Common Lions – Serving the community for nearly fifty years!

Next Year, Balsall Common Lions will have been serving your local community for FIFTY YEARS!

We have seen many changes over the years, and have adapted to all of them, none more so than the recent pandemic when our ability to raise funds was absolutely decimated.

However, we were still able to serve the community during the pandemic funding PPE equipment, providing support for COVID Vaccination Clinics, and our first Food Bank collection in May 2020 (we have just completed our ninth collection!)

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Balsall Common Lions have bounced back with increasing membership, and have had a remarkable year in terms of Fund Raising and donations, donating over £35,000 during the Lions year from July ’21 to June ’22.

Below, are a couple of charts detailing the distribution of donations. Ordinarily, we would expect approximately 70% of our donations to go to local good causes. However, not surprisingly, the devastation from the Ukraine played a part in our local / international split. Going forward, we expect the balance to be re-addressed, but nobody knows what disasters are around the corner!

Every penny donated to a Lions Club goes to good causes, and we can proudly say "Every Penny Counts" all administration fees are paid by Lions membership fees.

If you are interested in the work we do, or in volunteering with Balsall Common Lions, please contact us, or on our Social Media Pages


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