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Enjoy our Beerfest!

As we finalise our planning for our Annual Beerfest on August 14th at the Hornets Triangle Sportsground, Lavender Hall Lane, Balsall Common we hope that you are able to join us.

This year is obviously different to previous and we want everyone to enjoy our BeerFest. You can help by:

  • Remembering that all the staff are volunteers. Please respect them

  • Bringing your own face covering and hand sanitiser, although hand sanitisers will be positioned around the event for visitors to use

  • Following social distancing guidelines.

  • Seating is limited. If you can, please bring your own garden chairs.

  • Please put your litter in a bin, or take it home with you.

  • Take it easy. Don’t take unnecessary risks

  • Be kind and patient – these measures are here to keep you and others safe,

Our COVID safety measures

Whilst we recognise that there is now no limit to large events and no legal bases of previous mitigation measures, we are also mindful of public anxiety and our obligation to prevent transmission of the virus. Therefore, we will be installing several measures on site to help us do that.

We also ask all visitors to be mindful not just of themselves but also of others and to attend with care for all in mind. We will encourage visitors to socially distance in common areas.

The Beerfest is being held on the Hornets huge playing field which will allow more space for people to only remain in the household bubbles if they wish.

There will be no closed marquees/tents on site to ensure that there is fresh air into and out of the tent/marquee in order to aid air flow

Hand sanitisers will be positioned across the site for visitors to use.

Toilets and other common touch points will be subject to regular cleaning and maintenance

People will be advised to wear face coverings when using the toilets, queuing for food or drink and when accessing the site.

If you test positive prior to the Beerfest, then you must not attend the Beerfest and follow Government guidelines in relationship to isolation.

Thank you

Balsall Common Lions


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