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Harvest Festival Sleigh Door-to-Door Foodbank Collection

SATURDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER and SUNDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER SPREAD THE WORD! Please SHARE this information with your friends, family, and neighbours if they live in Balsall Common or Berkswell. If you have a WhatsApp group or an email distribution list for your street, please let them know. Fancy giving something back to help out? If you are available, there are opportunities to volunteer as either a Collector with the Sleigh, or Food sorters in the Village Hall. We will, of course, be observing the new lockdown restrictions. We’re nearly ready for our collections. Are you? Stash a few items away and we will be coming around soon! The details of the routes that we will be taking will be released in the next few days, plus we will also have a few drop-off points for your convenience.


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