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Lions volunteers are providing emergency support to bushfire victims

Thanks to Balsall Common for your generous donations for Santa’s Sleigh collection leading up to Christmas. As a result, Balsall Common Lions have donated £850 from the proceeds from the Santa’s sleigh collection to support the bushfire victims. This includes a generous donation from Carl Hemming at Ginger Estate Agents.

From Lions on the ground, supporting local residents and feeding emergency service workers sending emergency support to the districts in need, When disaster strikes Lions roll up their sleeves and take action. Our Lions Clubs with the incredible support of Australian Lions Foundation focus on getting emergency support to communities in need as quickly as possible to those who need it most.

This is why Lions is so effective in times of need. Every penny donated to goes directly to the cause and through Lions’ large network of clubs we are able to quickly identify those who require assistance and find the best and most efficient ways of supporting those people and communities.

Since November 2019, the Lions Club International Foundation has awarded in excess of US$143,000 in grant funds which has purchased water tanks and provided immediate assistance to those affected.

Many of us have family or friends living in Australia.

If you can help, contact us here. Your donation, big or small, will be used to help people in real need - all monies donated (with no deductions for admin. etc) will be sent to our International Disaster Fund to assist with disaster relief. 100% of funds donated to Australian Lions Foundation goes directly towards supporting those impacted and through Lions’ 1300 clubs across Australia you can be sure it will be distributed quickly and to those who need it most.


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