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Prostate Screening - Saturday 21st May

More than 14,000 UK men are thought to need treatment for prostate cancer, but have not come forward because of the pandemic. The NHS is urging men to check their risk online as a first step to identifying a cancer that is very treatable if caught early enough.

Balsall Common Lions are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our fifth prostate screening event, to take place on the morning of Saturday 21st May at St Peter’s Church Hall, Holly Lane, Balsall Common. The event has been set up to test the health of your prostate by way of a pain free blood test.

Balsall Common Lions are supporting / sponsoring this event – for a small donation of £10.00.

Book online – pick your preferred time - no queues – for a small donation of £10 (usually £20.00) - that’s less than the cost of a takeaway!

So, guys please get yourself tested!!!


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