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Supporting Your Balsall Common Lions Club

By Jerry Phelps President Balsall Common Lions Club

I am honoured to be President of Balsall Common Lions for the next 12 months from July 2022, and start by congratulating outgoing president Mark Whitfield for his own amazing year. With the support of the local community, your Lions club continued to not only provided service and support for local causes, but also sent valuable front-line aid directly to the Ukraine.

This year, these geopolitical, social and healthcare challenges will continue, placing greater demand for Lions Club service and support across our community as we see post-pandemic economic challenges impact others around us. As a great example, we will continue with regular foodbank collections where the generosity of local homes and businesses help families facing hardship. We are already known for saving lives with prostate screening and of course the impressive Balsall Common Fireworks display, Santa Sleigh and Beer Festival.

Our mission is “to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and support those in need” and I hope it goes without saying, I certainly intend to make sure we have some fun along the way!

My own Lions service started just over five years ago, however holding a challenging corporate role in industry, the club accepted that my time was often compromised. Having now recently retired, I look forward to stepping up to the challenge as President.

The success of your Lions club depends upon vital support from regular volunteers, members and local businesses. Please don’t consider yourself too young, too old, or too busy to be a Lion or Lioness. We need your ideas and we need you on board.

Contact us right away to understand how you can also help make a difference.


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