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LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) has a “Refugees and Displaced Persons” fund set up for donations to this disaster.

LCIF has already sent $15,000 to Lions Clubs in both Romania and Poland to provide grant support for refugee relief. Lions staff are now working with leadership in each country to develop a project plan for LCIF to support Lion-led distribution of immediate needs. Care packages will include food, water, hygiene items, and clothing.

Already, Balsall Common Lions have pledged a minimum of £500 to this cause.

After these initial grants, LCIF will continue to work with Lions in the adjacent and surrounding countries to evaluate needs, and the potential for Lions to help. Lions in Ukraine are understandably not able to participate in relief work at this time, but may be able to in the future, to address some needs of displaced people. Ukrainian Lions may also collaborate with Lions in adjacent countries in immediate needs relief activities.

Sending the money directly where it is needed.

This is why Lions is so effective in times of need. Every penny donated to goes directly to the cause and through Lions’ large network of clubs we are able to quickly identify those who require assistance and find the best and most efficient ways of supporting those people and communities.

You can donate by the link at the top of this page.


Serving from a bomb shelter, the Lions of Ukraine with a Lions Clubs International Foundation grant are providing food, medicine, and hygiene products for those displaced in Kyiv, the Kyiv region, and Zhytomyr.

Your donation to LCIF’s Refugees and Displaced Persons fund will help ensure that Lions are there to help them find the safety and security they desperately need.


Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. Lions Clube de Braga (Portugal) in partnership with the City Council is sending a bus to transport 30 children, women and men from Ukraine at the Polish border, who will be accommodated in the city of Braga in Portugal. On the bus will be a medical and nursing team, as well as food and drinks, hygiene products, thermal clothing and medicine.


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